10 Different Techniques to Unlock Doors

10 Different Techniques to Unlock Doors

No Key? No Problem! Discover 10 Different Techniques to Unlock Doors

  1. Credit Card Method: Thin, flexible, and found in every wallet, a credit card can sometimes trick a spring lock into opening.
  2. Bobby Pin Lock Picking: A couple of bobby pins can function as a makeshift lock pick set with some practice.
  3. The Bump Key: A specially cut key, the bump key can be used to ‘bump’ a lock’s pins into alignment, allowing the lock to be turned.
  4. Screwdriver Technique: A tiny screwdriver can sometimes turn the lock mechanism, though this requires some finesse.
  5. Lock Picking Gun: Available commercially, this tool can rapidly pick a lock by vibrating the pins into place.
  6. Professional Lock Pick Set: A wide array of specialized tools are available in a professional set, each designed for different types of locks.
  7. Drilling the Lock: In extreme cases, a lock can be drilled out to allow access, though this destroys the lock.
  8. Using a Hex Wrench on Interior Doors: A small hex wrench can engage the privacy push lock on some interior doors.
  9. Disassembling the Doorknob: The assembly can sometimes be removed with time and the right tools.
  10. Call King Locksmith Atlanta: When all else fails, or to avoid damage and maintain security, our professional locksmith service is just a phone call away! Save our number and keep it easily accessible for any lock-related needs.

Working with a professional locksmith, especially with Absolute Locksmith, we offer a significant difference compared to using DIY methods to unlock doors. Aside from the assurance that we have trained and experienced locksmiths, working with us means getting access to modern tools and equipment. We understand that different types of locks require different techniques or methods. Hence, we invest in equipping our team with the right gadgets and tools.

Our goal is to provide efficient and reliable services to our clients. Whether it’s an emergency where you’re locked out of your car or home, or you need to upgrade your security with new locks, our team is always ready to assist.

But beyond just unlocking doors, our services at Absolute Locksmith encompass a wide range of locksmithing and security solutions.

  • Key Duplication: Whether you need a spare key for your home, office, or car, we offer precise and rapid key duplication services.
  • Lock Installation: We install high-grade locks for residential and commercial properties, enhancing your security and peace of mind.
  • Lock Repair: We can repair various lock types and mechanisms, ensuring your locks function smoothly and securely.
  • Security System Installation: We provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs, from CCTV cameras to alarm systems.
  • Security Consulting: Our team can assess your property and provide expert recommendations for improving your overall security.
  • Emergency Lockout Service: Locked out of your home, office, or car inconveniently? Our 24/7 emergency service can get you back in quickly and without damage.
  • Safe Installation and Combination Changes: We can securely install safes and assist with changing combinations.
  • Automotive Lock Services: We offer car key replacement, ignition repair, and emergency lockout services for all types of vehicles.
  • Access Control Systems: We can install and service various electronic access control systems for commercial and residential properties.
  • Master Key System Setup: We can design and implement master key systems, simplifying access management for large properties.

At Absolute Locksmith, we are committed to providing comprehensive, customer-focused services beyond unlocking doors. We strive to be your complete locksmith and security solution provider.