Can A Locksmith Legally Make A Key For A Vehicle If The Owner Isn’t There?

Can A Locksmith Legally Make A Key For A Vehicle If The Owner Isn't There?

A locksmith is a professional who is trained to deal with keys – repair, recopy, extraction, programming, and more. Now, with this in mind, many are wondering if a locksmith can legally make a copy of a vehicle’s key without the owner. Well, there is a thin line between what a locksmith can do and would not do, so keep on reading below.

What You Need To Provide To A Locksmith To Duplicate Keys?

A locksmith can easily make a copy of your house or car keys. They were trained and have the proper tools to do so. Unless the key is a DND (Do Not Duplicate), then no doubt, they can make a copy of it. Anyone can bring a key to a locksmith shop and they will make a copy of it without a fuss.  But here’s the catch. Some locksmith companies, like Absolute Locksmith, understand that duplicating keys pose danger to one’s security and safety. This is why we at Absolute Locksmith require some information and proof before we do the job and services required.

If you need to recopy a car key and the vehicle owner is not around, then the locksmith will ask for a letter of authorization as well as the owner’s proof of ownership. Doing so can assure locksmiths that they are not helping people access the car or a property who are not the legal owners. But even if you are the owner of the car, or perhaps a house or building, we will still request you to present some documents, such as:

  • Driver’s license with your address – this is used to verify if the person is the real owner. If their address matches the address of the driver’s license, then it is good to go and the locksmith will duplicate your keys.
  • Proof of billing – this is also another way of verifying if you are the owner or not. You need to present mail, like your electricity bill or even just regular mail. You need to provide this along with a valid ID so the locksmith can proceed with recopying your keys.
  • House or property  title – this is necessary especially when you get locked out of your car or house. One will have to present a proof that they certainly are the owner of the car or house as it will be too dangerous for them to proceed on unlocking the doors if they are not the real owners.

It can be a hassle and quite a pain to present IDs and other documents as proof of ownership, but our clients’ safety and security is something that we value the most. Absolute Locksmith does not only ensure to provide excellent locksmith work and outstanding customer service. We also see to it that our clients are protected and safe and one way to do that is to require proof of ownership and other documents.