Factors that Affects Key Duplication Costs


Key duplication is a service that provides great convenience and protection to home security.it keeps people ready whenever they lose their keys or their keys start to malfunction. With so many types of keys out there, the cost of a key duplication service varies highly.

If you’ve ever wondered what’s causing the significantly higher fees for your recent duplicate compared to your old one, there are several  factors that influence key duplication costs.

Type of key

One of the biggest factors that influence key duplication cost is the type of key you want to  duplicate .

For house keys, it depends on the type of key and the material used. Most of the time, house keys are relatively cheap to make because most house keys are regular cylinder keys.

On the other hand, if you need your car key duplicated, you need to know that the cost depends on the type of key. Furthermore, not all cars have the same security systems and use the same material for their keys, which means the cost also depends on the car brand and model. Car keys are more expensive to duplicate than house keys.

Machine used for duplication

The type of machine used to duplicate keys matters a lot too, as it requires precise cutting for an efficient quality . The amount of time it takes to duplicate a key also affects duplication costs. the longer it takes he higher the cost you need to pay.

Your key duplication service provider

The cost of a key duplication service is heavily affected by the service provider. While you can get one made at most hardware stores, more often, they can only offer the service for traditional keys, which also means they can’t duplicate most car keys.

If you’re looking for a more cost-effective key duplication service for your house key, you’re better off getting it at a locksmith company. With a wide variety of key blanks, affordable services, and certified professional locksmiths, you’re guaranteed a better and more affordable service. It’s also the same for car keys, the auto dealership charges significantly more.

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