How Can A Locksmith Open A Lock Without Breaking It?

How Can A Locksmith Open A Lock Without Breaking It?

One of the many tasks of a locksmith is to provide car and home lockout services. This means they help those who cannot access or enter their cars and homes. And this also means that they need to unlock the locks, whether it is on your car or home. So, is there a way for a locksmith to open a lock without breaking it? Find out below.

Can A Locksmith Open A Lock Without Breaking It?

There are many different kinds of locks and each one has its different styles and functions. Some locks cannot be unlocked without their keys or without destroying them. Most of these types of locks are high-security locks. However, some locks are fairly easy to unlock, depending on the type of lock and the knowledge and expertise of the person. 

How Locksmiths Open A Lock Without Breaking It?

Now, given that we are talking about fairly decent types of locks that are not high-security locks, a locksmith can open them without necessarily breaking them. They are trained to do such a job, plus they have the proper tools to perform the task, like a rake, a tension wrench, a half diamond, or a hook. Locksmiths use a technique called bumping which commonly works in pin and tumbler locks. Lock bumping is a locksmithing technique in which a locksmith uses a bump key to align the pins of a cylinder lock to open the lock. The downside of this is that burglars and intruders can also do the same thing. With a little knowledge, practice, and tools, they can easily unlock your doors and get access to your home or property.

This is why it is necessary to use high-security locks to prevent burglars and intruders from entering your house. Using such locks may require locksmiths to use a more powerful tool, like a drill, to open your locks in case you get locked out, but it is still a better option than to sacrifice the security and safety of your home and your family.

How Much Does It Cost For A Locksmith To Open A Lock?

The national average price of locksmith services is around $70 to $100. This may go up or down depending on the type of services you need and the city or state you are living in. If you are having locksmith issues in your home or in your office, remember to call Absolute Locksmith. Our company provides services such as key duplication, key extraction, lock installation and repair, home and commercial security systems installation, car and house lockout services, and more. 

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