How Can You Open A Deadbolted Door Without The Key?

How Can You Open A Deadbolted Door Without The Key?

A deadlock is one of the most popular and trusted pin-and-tumbler types of locks. It uses different lengths of pins that only fit a specific key. A deadbolt lock without its correct keys cannot be opened. On the other hand, a deadbolted door is also among the most common ways to secure doors from burglars and intruders. But, what if you lost your keys or left it inside the house? How can you open a deadbolted door without a key? Find out some useful ways to open a deadbolt lock without the key.

How To Open A Deadbolted Door Without Its Key

It can be a bit challenging to open a deadbolted door without a key, but it is not impossible. Here is a useful technique you can use in case you will be needing to open a deadbolted door without its key. First, you need to prepare the following:

  1. Power drill – this is a common tool used for small and big improvements in the house. It is used to create crafts and hole saws for making holes on drywalls. A battery powered drill is more convenient to use, although a corded one can also do the job. 
  2. Drill bit – you may want to use the type of drill bit that is specifically designed for metal work. Using either a titanium or a cobalt drill bit can be helpful as you are dealing with a deadbolt, which requires a heavy-duty drill. 
  3. Lubricant – this is used to prevent the drill bit from breaking due to excessive heat friction. 
  4. Screwdriver – this tool is necessary to reach and unlock the mechanism of the deadbolt. There are many screwdrivers and they vary in size, so make sure that you have one that is long enough to reach the lock and at the same time thin enough to fit into the keyhole.

What To Do?

  1. Place the drill into the tip of the power drill. Ensure that you tighten the tip of the power drill, then apply a lubricant to the drill bit. 
  2. Put a considerable amount of lubricant around the deadbolt and the keyhole. 
  3. Position the tip of the drill bit on the center of the keyhole then pull the trigger of the power drill.
  4. Exert pressure on the drill to force the drill bit into the keyhole. Once done, apply lubricant to the keyhole to prevent the drill bit from breaking. 
  5. Insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and turn. This will unlock the door.

Unlocking a deadbolted door without its key can be a tough job, especially for those who are not trained for such a job. If you ever have this kind of problem, remember to call Absolute Locksmith. We offer various types of locksmith services including installation and repair of door locks and keys, house and car lockout services, and more. Give us a call anytime as we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.