Is It Safer To Keep My Keys Into The Door Lock To Prevent Intruders To Pick It From Outside?

Is It Safer To Keep My Keys Into The Door Lock To Prevent Intruders To Pick It From Outside?

Your door key is an essential part of your home or your property as well as your people and family’s safety. Losing them can cause trouble, inconvenience, and may pose a direct threat to your home or property’s security. This is why many people keep their keys on a certain spot in their homes or in their purse. Some others have a hidden spot in their area where only the family members or trusted friends know the location. However, some people prefer to place their keys in the back of their door thinking that doing so can help prevent intruders from entering the property. But is it really safer to keep keys into the door lock? The simple answer is no. Keep on reading below to know why.

Why It Is Not Safe To Keep Keys Into The Door Lock?

If you are among those people who place their keys in the back of their doors, then you may want to change your habit. Leaving your keys into the door lock does not and cannot stop potential burglars and intruders from breaking-in your house. This is because it does nothing to prevent the lock’s cylinder from being turned. Doing so may actually increase the chances of you being robbed, especially if your door type has a window pane. It would be very easy for the intruders to break the window pane, reach for the key, and use it to open the door. 

The process is called “fishing”. The burglars will try to turn your door knob. If it is not locked, then it is an easy entry for them. If the door is locked, but they can hear the sound of the key rattling inside the lock, they will “fish” the key and will then gain access to your home.

Prevent this from happening by making sure that you do not leave your keys into the door lock or leave them near the entrance. It is also necessary that you use door locks that can provide high-level security and ensure that your door and locks are properly installed.

What Can You Do To Ensure Safety And Security?

When choosing locks for your home or business, make sure that you choose Grade 1 and Grade 2 locks for commercial and residential use, respectively. These locks passed the standards set by the ANSI or the American National Standards Institute. 

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