Locksmithing: How Do You Open A Lock On An Old Trunk?

Locksmithing: How Do You Open A Lock On An Old Trunk?

Trunks are commonly used to store valuable things that are not used frequently, such as old books, some memorabilia from the past, and more. These trunks are usually placed in the storage room of the house and won’t be opened in months, sometimes years. There is a high chance that you may have misplaced or lost your trunk’s key by the time you need to open it. So, how to open a lock on an old trunk?

Ways To Open A Lock On An Old Trunk

There are different types of locks used in a trunk, and that is one of the most important things one needs to consider. Some trunks have internal locking mechanisms while some other trunks use padlocks. One way to unlock an old trunk is using a skeleton key. A skeleton key is a type of key that has a hallowed interior and is designed to fit many locks. If a skeleton key does not work, then you may want to try another option – flat keys. This type of key lacks grooves and has a number of cuts. Some modern keys, in the 19th century, are made with grooves and cuts, which means some old trunks may have this kind of mechanism, probably for a padlock.

If these two ways do not work, then you may opt for the best option. If you are the legitimate owner or have the authorization to open the trunk, then it is best to go to a locksmith. This option is by far the simplest, easiest, and surest way to unlock your old trunk. Going to your local locksmith assures you that your trunk will be opened without or minimal damage (as there are cases in which they need to break the locks). This is because a professional locksmith has the proper training, skill, and knowledge as well as the experience and the right tools to do the job.

Who To Call To Open Locks For You

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