Smart Locks or Traditional Locks? What You Should Choose?


Smart  and traditional locks offer their own set of advantages in both  use and security. With different features and unique characteristics, choosing which to install can be a tricky situation.

Both are good options, but what should you choose? We’ll help you answer that in this article.


When it comes to convenience, the advantage is with smart locks. Unlike traditional locks that need cylinder keys to work smart locks allow you to secure your property with one touch on your device.

Smart locks  also provide access control to the different doors to your property through the tip of your fingers.

While it’s not that much of a hassle to use traditional locks, it can be really tiring to do it repetitively, especially if you have a big home with many doors. If you’re looking for convenience, installing smart locks is the way to go.


Both smart and traditional locks provide security  however, if security is your top priority, it can be a tight decision between the two. It is due to the smart locks’ good security but they still require firmware updates to ensure they work to perfection. Not only that, since they use software, they can also be prone to hacking.

Traditional locks can be a tad less convenient to use, but it’s harder to break them than smart locks. Not only They are prone to breakage you can also lose your keys.

Since no types of locks are 100% secure, it’s all down to preference. If you can afford to give up convenience for more security, then traditional locks are better.


One of the biggest differences between the two comes with the price tag. It’s a difference that will weigh heavily on your decision as it’s always better to go for a product that fits your budget.

Compared to smart locks, traditional locks are very affordable and they also last longer. They don’t require maintenance too often and the charge of such service is not that expensive.

On the other hand, smart locks are more expensive. It is due to the technology and the convenience it provides. If something gets broken, the maintenance is costly too.

Still undecided? Speak with one of our highly trained locksmiths in Orange County about your options.