Tips For Home Security


According to the crime statistics released by the FBI in 2019, there was a 52.3 arrest rate for burglars per 100,000 inhabitants. This means that days are gone where you can leave your home unlocked without intrusions from the criminals.

The good thing is there are many simple ways to boost home security. As professional locksmiths, we share some of the tips we’ve learned throughout the years.

Secure the doors

ensure your property is safe whether you’re at home or not. Check if the door frame and hinges are strong and , guarantee if your locks are working. It’s also great to get security upgrades like a second lock or installing smart locks.

If it’s a home used by other people before, make sure to change the locks so you’ll be the only one who can access your home.

Light your yard

During the dark of night, it’s easy for burglars to find cover beneath the shadows to make you unaware of the possible danger. To ensure that there’s good vision outside your home and to see if there’s someone trying to break in, always turn on the lights in your yard.

a well-lit home keeps burglars away and makes people see that you’re at home.

Trim your trees and bushes

Trees and bushes can provide a cover for burglars trying to hide. Big trees can also give access for criminals to go inside your house through the window on your second floor.

Always trim your trees and bushes to make sure that trespassers will have no places to hide and that they don’t have access to your property.

Prepare your security system

Whether it’s installing smart locks, building wallsor getting motion detectors, make sure that you have a security system at home ready. In this way, rest assured that your house has a double protection, no matter if you’re at home or not.

For more expert tips and the best security services, Absolute Locksmith offers affordable, high-quality residential locksmith services that will ensure your property is safe from people to bring your property harm.