What is Rekeying?


Usually, when most people move into a new building or lose their keys they go to the nearest hardware store to get new locks installed. While it definitely works, a rekeying service does just the same, but at a lower price.

If your place is already used by other people before, you can’t run the risk of other people having the keys to your place. In this article, we’ll discuss what exactly rekeying is.

How it’s done

Rekeying is the process of changing the keys to a door but without buying a new lock and key set. Professional residential locksmiths can use the old lock and replace the old key with a new one.

Lock rekeying is a technical process that requires a lot of patience and precision. It includes taking out the lock, taking the cylinder, changing the pins and plugs, and reinstalling the lock to the door. If you’re looking to have your locks rekeyed, it’s always much better to have a professional handle it to ensure a quick, mistake-free process.

Rekeying is better than buying a new lock

Rekeying is better than buying a new lock and key set because it is much cheaper. While some parts of the lock will have to be changed, it won’t be as expensive as getting an entirely new one.

Furthermore, rekeying is a good alternative than buying new locks for all doors in your home. If you want a single master key for all locks in your property, you can have multiple locks rekeyed, provided that they all come from the same brand.

When to get a lock rekeying service

There are many reasons to opt for a lock rekeying service. For example, if you’re moving into a new place used by other people before, you can’t be sure that the key they gave you is the duplicate. Some people provide copies of their keys to others, and that’s a risk you need to avoid.

Another scenario is when you lost your keys but you like the locks in your home already, and you don’t want them replaced. With a rekeying service, you can have them all replaced. If you want, you can even have a master key for all the locks.

If you need your locks rekeyed, Absolute Locksmith’s experienced and reliable locksmiths are ready to do it for you at an affordable price.